Blue Aura Meaning: How It Impacts Your Personality, Love Life, Prosperity, and Career


May 14, 2023

Blue Aura Meaning: How It Impacts Your Personality, Love Life, Prosperity, and Career

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The ground color of a person's aura can provide insight into their personality and suggest how they are supposed to navigate their life journey. People with blue auras tend to have diverse interests and place a high value on honest and direct communication.

What Does It Mean to Have a Blue Aura?

Those with blue auras are the Jacks, Janes, and non-binary individuals of all trades. They seek expansion โ€“ mental, spiritual, even emotional โ€“ and are always on some sort of journey or in the process of seeking something.

They are known for their honesty and transparency, expressing exactly what's on their mind and heart. Because of their insatiable curiosity, they remain young at heart and maintain an untouchable enthusiasm even in the most challenging times. Learn more about their journey here.

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How Does a Blue Aura Relate to Your Personality?

If you have a blue aura, you crave variety. Whether only two careers can truly fulfill you or perhaps you choose a nomadic lifestyle, changing it up seems to be the key to your happiness.

People with blue auras are sincere, optimistic, and generous. Their auras are generally large and vibrant. They have an adventurous streak and lots of creative ideas. They are the kind of people that seem to find opportunities wherever they look. They crave variety in their social circles as well as their intellectual pursuits.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Blue Aura?

If you have a blue aura and are somewhat aligned with your purpose, you are the kind of person who manifests good luck without even thinking about it. You simply assume the best possible outcome will occur.

This makes your disposition cheerful and optimistic. You are also brilliant and highly imaginative, and your insatiable curiosity can take you far. Your desire for expansion means you are open-minded and can easily adapt to new circumstances.

The fact that you tend to cultivate two or three interests with some depth means you bring a fresh new perspective to each of them. You are also a natural communicator and people can count on you for an articulate, yet honest, perspective.

What Are the Challenges of Having a Blue Aura?

If blue is the ground color of your aura, you may take on too many activities at once and burn yourself out. You may also excel at starting new projects but struggle greatly to finish them.

Some blue auras can reach intense levels of burnout and can only recover if they isolate themselves completely, which is not ideal. Impatience and a certain degree of restlessness can also accompany this aura color.

Blue auras may tend to overindulge and have trouble sticking to routines. They often display erratic behavior patterns, which may earn them a reputation as unreliable despite their absolute honesty.

How Does a Blue Aura Impact Your Love Life?

Above all, people with blue auras value truth in love. They won't tolerate a dishonest partner or someone who pretends to be someone they are not. They also value open and direct communication.

They are loyal and reliable partners, and they tend to give freely what they themselves ask from their partners. People with blue auras also love to apply their creativity to date ideas and gifts for their partners, so with them, you get the true romantic experience of a lifetime. They tend to remain calm and collected in arguments and never disrespect their partners.

People with Aries placements tend to make great partners for people with blue auras as they share their taste for adventure and their direct communication style. Any of the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn) also make for an excellent match as they can compensate for the blue aura's inability to finish tasks and help them stay grounded.

An Aquarius is also a great match as they share some of the detachment blue auras are fond of while also remaining curious about the world.


What Does a Blue Aura Mean for Your Finances and Prosperity?

The best way for someone with a blue aura to become wealthy is to learn how to translate their optimism and positivity into wealth. This has a lot to do with manifestation techniques. A lot of them would be wise to find a business partner as well.

Since they tend to struggle with everyday activities, it may be a good idea for them to focus on ideas and strategy while someone else sees their projects through to fruition. Transparency and honesty are key for blue auras.

The moment they feel something in their finances is slightly mismanaged, this can create a lot of anxiety that can later translate into poor energy and, in turn, bad finances.

How Does a Blue Aura Affect Your Career?

Anything that involves communicating to the masses is a great fit for blue auras. They also make for great judges and lawyers, as they are transparent and honest. Any other profession that involves bringing the truth to the surface is another excellent fit for them.

A lot of them have great potential as writers. If they choose the arts, they won't create obscure pieces at all. They will get their point across in creative but crystal-clear ways.

How Does a Blue Aura Impact a Tarot Reading?

In the realm of numerology, the color blue corresponds to the number 5. Therefore, you can expect a lot of fives to pop up in your readings. This is normal. It means the cards have picked up on your energy.

Expect Major Arcana like The Hierophant, which is number 5 in the sequence, and Temperance, number 14, to appear as well (after all, 1+4 equals 5). Tarot cards that feature a lot of blue, such as The High Priestess or The Moon, will also tend to crop up a lot when you get Tarot readings.

What Crystals Are Best for People with a Blue Aura?

Simple Clear Quartz can be your best bet if you have a blue aura. This is because you can set your piece with a clear intention and use it to remain entirely focused on said intention.

Aquamarine can also help you reunite with your own inner compass and is therefore an excellent tool for multi-faceted blue auras. Finally, some blue auras may need some extra help when relaxing, for which a crystal like Blue-Lace Agate can be beneficial.

Do you have a blue aura? Did this resonate? Let us know in the comments!


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