Purple Aura Meaning: How It Impacts Your Personality, Love Life, Prosperity, and Career


May 14, 2023

Purple Aura Meaning: How It Impacts Your Personality, Love Life, Prosperity, and Career

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Meta Description: Discover the meaning of having a purple aura and its implications for personality, love, wealth, and career.

The color of someone's aura can reveal much about their personality. If someone has purple as the dominant color of their aura, they often need to believe in something larger than themselves to endure life's toughest times. They enjoy delving deep into anything they do and are teeming with creative ideas. They usually have a strong grasp of what other people need.

What Does It Mean to Have a Purple Aura?

If your aura has a purple dominant color, it suggests your soul is more spiritually inclined than usual. Some people might deny this aspect of themselves for some time, as individuals with purple auras are often very rational and intelligent. However, the potential of a person with a purple aura will not be fully realized until they accept the part of themselves that seeks a higher truth, which perhaps cannot be proven with the five senses. This is because people with purple auras have a very strong Third Eye chakra. Their birthright is to make peace with that and make sense of everything they perceive,Ā eventhings that are not easily seen.

How Does a Purple Aura Relate to Your Personality?

People with purple auras are often those who were labeled ā€œsensitiveā€ as children. They have a strong handle on their intuition and a powerful spiritual side. They are extraordinarily attuned to other people's needs, as they subconsciously pick up cues about what others want and need, especially regarding their spiritual growth.

The only thing that can support a purple aura duringĀ difficult times is faith. There are atheist people with a purple aura, but you'll often find they have a reverential attitude towards nature and/or science. They are the type of person who, when facing difficulties, begins to contemplateĀ what is above and below them. They find peace and tranquility in the sense that there is something far larger than themselves.


What Are the Benefits of Having a Purple Aura?

When someone with a purple aura expresses themselves, it invariably helps theĀ listener to understand their own problems. This is the case even if the person with the purple aura doesn't explicitly spell out the answer. They are so attuned to other people's needs that even when they are the ones seeking help or someone to listen to them, they express themselves in a way that leads the listener to their own truth. Being so subconsciously aware of another person's spiritual needs can indeed take you far in life if you learn how to use that gift in your favor. It can have numerous benefits, from attracting a successful partner who chooses you over others because you anticipate their needs and stimulate their sense of purpose, to building a career out of expressing yourself.

People with purple auras also have the gift of introspection. They tend to have rich inner worlds and understand themselves better than the average person. This means that they are less likely to do or say things they later regret. They are aware of their own darkest side, as well as their luminous aspects. They know what mistakes they can live with, and which ones will disturb their spirit.

What Are the Challenges of Having a Purple Aura?

People with purple auras can sometimes be overly sensitive and resent others for not having the same awareness of their needs as they do of the needs of others. Expressing themselves in the past, especially during childhood and their teenage years, may have led to significant hurt. So, in their adult lives, they may refrain from expressing what they genuinely think and feel. When they do this, they deprive not only themselves but the whole world of the immense value they have to offer. This is tied to the fact that they may have difficulty stepping out of their inner world, becoming overly introspective and quiet. Understanding and managing sensitivity can be a challenge, and resources such asĀ Psychology Today provide excellent guidance on this topic.

People with purple auras may also struggle to adapt to new situations . They often prefer their established ways of operating in the world, and change can be difficult for them. This is somewhat ironic because purple is the color most associated with transmutation and change. However, a purple aura also brings a stubborn faith in oneself, along with the belief that one's way of doing things is the only valid method.

Moreover, a purple aura necessitates that the person has faith to function in the world. As mentioned before, this faith does not necessarily have to be in something religious or even intangible, but the person must be ready to surrender their problems to something bigger than themselves. When a person with a purple aura remains stubborn in their disbelief, they will suffer greatly in all aspects of life. They can only thrive when they genuinely believe in something.

How Does a Purple Aura Impact Your Love Life?

People with purple auras won't endure long in a romantic relationship that lacks depth. They repel potential partners who may be superficial or pretentious. They would be profoundly unhappy in shallow relationships. They couldn't care less about how their partnership appears to outsiders. They expect the same rich inner world from their relationship as they experience within themselves.

Generally, people with purple auras should prioritize self-care in love. They should always have access to a creative outlet for times when their partner cannot handle the intensity of their emotions. People with purple auras also experience other people's emotions very strongly, so they may need to deliberately master the art of setting boundaries to avoid becoming drained by their relationship. They do well with partners who have a lot of Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Pisces placements, as they share traits and core values. A Virgo partner, though challenging at first due to this Zodiac's hyper-focus on tangible details of life, can also provide a refreshing change, as they match the attunement to the other person's needs that the person with the purple aura has.

What Does a Purple Aura Mean for Your Finances and Prosperity?

Purple is a color linked to prosperity and wealth in Feng Shui. Thus, if a person nurtures the health of their purple aura, they have substantial potential to create wealth and prosperity for themselves and their families. However, people with purple auras tend to be detached from material possessions. It doesn't mean they dislike money; having money in the bank gives them greater freedom and access to the experiences they crave for their spiritual growth.

People with purple auras tend to fare better financially when they understand money as just another kind of energy available to them. Money also has needs, just like a person does. They can nurture this energy within themselves and in their careers with their gift of discerning what this energy needs to grow. They should be cautious of a careless attitude towards money and material things.


How Does a Purple Aura Affect Your Career?

People with purple auras like to delve deep. This trait can have several career applications. They don't like to skim the surface but prefer to get to the root of a situation. Careers such as being a college professor, researcher, detective, scientist, journalist, or any other profession that doesn't mind spending as much time as needed to uncover the truth suit them well. Due to their passion for their interests, they can make excellent teachers. They can also use their extraordinary ability to discern someone else's needs for any caregiving profession. Something that applies universally to people with a purple aura is that they won't last long at a job that contradicts their core values.

Purple Aura and Its Connection to Numerology and Tarot

Each color corresponds to a number in numerology. Violet or purple in numerology corresponds with the number 7, so the number 7 in the Minor Arcana or the seventh Major Arcana, The Chariot, may frequently appear as confirmation during a Tarot reading that the cards have resonated with your energy and that of your aura. The Tarot will adapt to your energy by revealing (sometimes without being asked) the spiritual lessons available for you to learn from any situation the Tarot is discussing.

As part of your spiritual journey is about accepting your spiritual side and welcoming change, don't be surprised if cards like The High Priestess or The Hierophant appear often, especially when you're losing sight of your spiritual journey, as well as the ''scarier'' cards (Death, The Tower, The Wheel of Fortune) to remind you that change is the only constant in life. In general, expect to see a lot of eye imagery and the color purple in the cards themselves, although this will vary from deck to deck. You can learn more about numerology and its connection to colors on Wikipedia.

What Crystals Are Best for People with a Purple Aura?

For people struggling to accept the more spiritual nature of this aura color, Moonstone is an excellent choice. It will slowly but surely guide the person to accept their intuition and start taking their gut feelings seriously. For purple auras who have a hard time accepting change or who may currently be undergoing a spiritual awakening, Emerald is a great choice. It emits a maternal energy that will support them at every step. Labradorite is a good choice for people with a purple aura in general because it ensures that emotions that don't belong to you don't linger in your system for too long.

Do you have a purple aura? Did this resonate with you? Tell us in the comments!

References: Webster, Richard. Aura Reading for Beginners: Develop Your Psychic Awareness for Health & Success. Llewellyn Publications, 2011. https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/purple-aura-meaning-and-personality-traits



Lisa is a Reiki Master, Certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and trained in the Bengston Energy Healing Method. Lisa is also a Certified Life coach and currently in her second year of graduate school for a Master of Social Work to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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