Tarot and Queerness: Discovering Identity, Navigating Life and Celebrating Pride


May 31, 2023

Tarot and Queerness: Discovering Identity, Navigating Life and Celebrating Pride

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Tarot has been around for centuries, with roots deep in European history, yet it remains a complex and widely misunderstood system. It is not merely a tool for fortune telling, but rather, a powerful and multifaceted medium for self-reflection, personal growth, and discovery. As we commemorate Pride Month, it's important to explore the intersectionality of tarot and queerness, examining how this age-old divination system is being employed by queer individuals to navigate the struggles unique to their experience.

To understand the connection between tarot and queerness, it's crucial to consider the nature of queerness itself. Queerness challenges binary and heteronormative concepts, offering a spectrum that includes a wide range of identities and orientations. It embraces fluidity, resilience, authenticity, and personal growth, characteristics that resonate strongly with the guiding principles of tarot.


Tarot as a Tool for Queer Empowerment

The beauty of tarot is in its universality. Its 78 cards contain a myriad of archetypal situations, characters, and themes that span the breadth of human experience. There's a card for love and loss, struggle and success, introspection and action, transition and stagnation. However, traditionally, the tarot reflects a primarily heteronormative, cisgendered viewpoint.

This is where modern interpretations and queer tarot decks come into play. They reimagine the cards in a manner that reflects the diversity and fluidity of human identities. For instance, the Lovers, traditionally depicting a heterosexual couple, might be reinterpreted to represent a same-sex couple, thus allowing queer users to see themselves reflected within the tarot. This recognition, validation, and affirmation is incredibly empowering for the queer community, who often face erasure and marginalization.

The Star, which embodies hope, guidance, and inspiration, may provide solace to those in the throes of coming out or transitioning. The Death card, symbolizing transformation and new beginnings, might resonate with individuals undergoing a process of identity change. The Hanged Man, embodying suspension and new perspectives, could speak to those who challenge societal norms.

Queer Struggles and Tarot Reading

One major struggle queer individuals face is acceptance โ€“ from themselves, from their loved ones, and from society. Self-doubt, internalized homophobia, and the fear of ostracization are constant battles. The tarot, in this context, can serve as a therapeutic tool, helping individuals explore their identities, feelings, and experiences.

Another struggle is related to safety, both physical and emotional. Queer individuals are often targeted, bullied, and discriminated against. In these situations, tarot can offer comfort, encouraging self-care and resilience. Cards like the Nine of Wands remind us of our inner strength and our ability to withstand adversity.

The quest for love and companionship is also a common theme. The desire for connection is universal, but the fear of rejection and heartbreak is heightened for queer individuals due to societal prejudice. Here, cards like the Two of Cups and Ten of Cups can signify the possibility of love and fulfillment, validating the individual's desire for a queer relationship.


Celebrating Pride with Tarot

Pride Month is a celebration of queer identity, love, and resistance, and tarot can be an essential part of this celebration. Tarot can help individuals reflect on their journey, honor their struggles, and visualize their dreams. It can provide a moment of introspection, a time to examine past experiences, present circumstances, and future possibilities.

Furthermore, group tarot readings can foster a sense of community, solidarity, and mutual understanding. Shared narratives can emerge from these sessions, highlighting the collective strength of the queer community.

But perhaps the most significant contribution of tarot during Pride is its symbolic potential. The rainbow flag, for instance, is a powerful symbol of queer pride. If we consider the tarot deck as a kind of visual language, we can use it to construct narratives and affirmations that resonate with queer pride.

Queer tarot decks, such as The Numinous Tarot and The Next World Tarot, showcase diversity and inclusion and are perfect for Pride Month readings. They not only provide representation but also challenge the heteronormative perspective ingrained in many traditional decks.


The Power of Representation

Ultimately, the infusion of queerness into tarot is about representation. It's about seeing yourself in the cards and recognizing that your identity, your struggles, and your triumphs are worthy of acknowledgment and celebration. It's about dismantling the binary and heteronormative norms that tarot, like much of society, has historically upheld.

The intertwining of tarot and queerness also signals a shift towards inclusivity within spiritual and mystical spaces, which have often excluded queer voices. By acknowledging and honoring the diversity of human experience, we make room for growth, connection, and mutual understanding.

So this Pride Month, whether you're a seasoned tarot reader or someone new to the practice, consider exploring the powerful intersectionality of tarot and queerness. Reflect on your journey, acknowledge your struggles, and celebrate your identity. And remember that the tarot is there to guide and support you, offering wisdom, insight, and affirmation. It's a tool of empowerment, self-discovery, and connection โ€“ something we all, regardless of our identities, can benefit from.

Just like queerness, tarot is a vibrant spectrum of possibilities, a testament to the boundless diversity of human experience. Here's to a Pride Month that celebrates the rich tapestry of identities, lives, and stories that make us uniquely ourselves.



Lisa is a Reiki Master, Certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and trained in the Bengston Energy Healing Method. Lisa is also a Certified Life coach and currently in her second year of graduate school for a Master of Social Work to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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