White Aura: How It Impacts Your Personality, Love Life, Career, and Wealth


Jun 18, 2023

White Aura: How It Impacts Your Personality, Love Life, Career, and Wealth

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Meta Description: The meaning of having a white aura and how it affects your personality, love life, career, and even how it can influence a Tarot reading.  

Selfless, compassionate, humanitarian, peace-loving, and self-sufficient, people with white as a ground aura color are rare but indispensable in our society. Get ready to find out more about how this aura ground color affects your personality, love life, career, and other aspects. 

What Does It Mean to Have a White Aura?

People with a white aura are generally very much in tune with their spirituality and higher selves. Even Atheists can have white auras if they have learned how to listen to that core of themselves that tells them how to be the most authentic version of who they are. It’s rare to see it as the ground color of the aura of a person. This is so because it means they have successfully integrated all their chakras into one. 


How Does a White Aura Relate to Your Personality?

People with white auras are selfless and generally seem more concerned with the well-being of others than with their own. However, they are also individualistic and prefer to work alone. They need to spend a lot of time by themselves recharging because they are so susceptible to the feelings of others. They are pure and are naturally inclined to purify the spaces they frequent. They are generally the first person to notice when the energy in a given place is “off.” They also tend to think in terms of the collective and want to leave the world better than how they found it. This drives them to become activists or otherwise committed to the wellbeing of marginalized members of their communities. They seem wise beyond their years and generally have a spiritual aura about them.    

What are the Benefits of Having a White Aura?

If you have a white aura, you have a naturally balanced energetic makeup and can tap into the energy of any chakra that’s needed in a second. You are also very in tune with the subtle energies of the world around you. You are intuitive and ready to help those in need. You also give off an honest image and people tend to trust what you say and your advice. You know how to work alone and are naturally independent and self-sufficient. 


What are the Challenges of Having a White Aura? 

The need for people with white auras to spend time on their own may be such that they may end up isolating from their community. This can lead to a feeling of loneliness. Identify the relationships that fulfill you and make time for them. Come to the understanding that investing in interpersonal relationships doesn’t mean giving up entirely on your independence. You may have a hard time prioritizing yourself and identifying your needs, as well. 

Especially during their youth, some people with white auras go through an egocentric period to compensate for this oversight. Pay attention if you are closed off to other people or are being overly selfish with your time or what you have. Because of how sensitive you are to subtle energies, you do need more protection than other people. Pick a talisman or black crystal that can guard your aura, or consider veiling. 

How Does a White Aura Impact Your Love Life?

If they choose an equally enlightened partner, there is no reason why people with white auras shouldn’t have a happy love life. Core values and finding someone who cares about the same causes as you do is deeply important for your happiness in love. Don’t underestimate this need. You may be tempted to partner up with someone who is more in tune with the physical world than you are, but this can only work if said person has also worked on their spiritual side. 

Because of your desire to help, you may also be drawn to people whose lives are a mess. Please know that dating an addict or someone who is manipulative and takes advantage of you because “they have no other choice” will drain you out energetically and could be very dangerous. If you’re trying to find a match right now, your best bet is a place where other people who care about the same social or environmental issues you do abound. 

What Does a White Aura Mean for Your Finances and Prosperity?

People with white auras should take advantage of their intuition if they want to improve their finances. Learning to perceive money as just one more subtle energy can benefit them greatly. White auras can easily apply their intuitions to the way money moves their way, and take care to remove energetic blockages around finances. 

How Does a White Aura Affect Your Career?

The worst career or workplace for someone with a white aura is one where they have to do something that’s against their core beliefs. They can really suffer in the army if nonviolence is big for them, for example. It can even translate to something much more mundane, such as working in a pet store that sells a lot of brands that the person with the white aura knows use dodgy ingredients that will damage the health of the animals over time. Try to find a job that doesn’t go against your core beliefs, or every day you work there will kill you a little bit on the inside. 

That said, sometimes people with a white aura feel a calling to do something that involves doing something that’s against their beliefs or working for an institution that does. Remember that these places need purifying, too, so, if you have a strong calling for a questionable line of work or a certain institution, trust your gut and prepare for making changes from the inside. 


How Does a White Aura Impact a Tarot Reading?

White is present in some way or other in most Tarot decks, but there are cards such as Judgment that feature it prominently. You may be drawn to black and white decks on the first place, or a Tarot reader who uses them. There are also decks such as The Wild Unknown that feature mostly black and white imaging with certain accents of color. See whether you are drawn to this deck. In numerology, white corresponds to zero, so The Fool may pop up if you ask about the ground color of your aura. 

What Are Crystals Best for People with a White Aura?

People with wite auras should focus on using crystals to protect themselves and their energy. Some options include Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst. If you need more potent protection, look into Obsidian, though this crystal should be used with care, as it also exposes you to your shadow selves and the parts of you that you’re ashamed of. If you need to reconnect with your more selfless side, try colored tourmaline or Clear Quartz.

Do you have a white aura? Do you know someone who does? Did this resonate? Tell us in the comments!


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Lisa is a Reiki Master, Certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and trained in the Bengston Energy Healing Method. Lisa is also a Certified Life coach and currently in her second year of graduate school for a Master of Social Work to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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on Dec 04, 2023

Did a few Aura tests and I kept getting white on different tests. I definitely feel very alone even when surrounded by other people. I've always felt I can see things that others can't and that half of me is in this world and the other half is connected to another. I'm a medical student and I've always felt drawn to the career of medicine. The tests that don't include white as an option (a lot of them don't) I feel I don't fall into any of the categories given but that I have little bits of every single one when I need those particular traits. People don't really relate to me and often misread me, so over the years there are very little relationships that have lasted. It's nice to find something that appears to make sense as this description really resonated with me.

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