Bengston Method Manifestation: Manifest Your Dreams


Mar 06, 2023

Bengston Method Manifestation: Manifest Your Dreams

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What is the Bengston Energy Healing Method®?

I described in detail in my other post about the Bengston Energy Healing Method®. This is a healing method created by Dr. William Bengston and involves hands on healing while using a visualization technique called image cycling™ to produce healing. 

If you have not heard of the Bengston Method I highly suggest reading Dr. Bengston’s book The Energy Cure because it goes through how Dr. Bengston developed the method, curing mice of a 100% mortality rate cancer (in multiple studies), and how to properly perform the Bengston Energy Healing Method®.

Bengston Energy Healing Method® involves using something called image cycling™ to create a healing response in the patient. During a session, the practitioner uses image cycling™ while using their hands to help heal the patient. Sessions may be done in person or long distance. Dr. Bengston has done research on the efficacy on distance healing and distance does not alter the healing results.

What is Image cycling™ and how does it help manifest?

First I will go through what image cycling™ is as it is the most important part of performing the Bengston Energy Healing Method®. To do image cycling™ you need to write down a list of 20 things you want in life. 

The list needs to be specific and not vague ideas such as “love”. The list also needs to be things you do not already have. For instance, if you are a healthy person, then you should NOT add becoming healthy or being healthy as one of your items on the list. Once you receive any items on the list, you need to remove the item from the list and add a new item.

You also have to actually want the items. So, if the item does not provoke a feeling of happiness or achievement when owning the item, then it should not be on the list.

As you get better at image cycling you can start adding more abstract things to your list and manifest them.

Once you have written the list of 20 things, you need to sit and meditate on each item.

1. For each item go into a meditative state. Then visualize obtaining the item on your list. Make sure the visualization is so real that all senses are involved. How does the item feel when you touch it? What does it look like? What does it smell like? Is there a taste involved with the item?

2. Now most important part of this visualization is feeling as though you own the item. 

3. Then sit with this feeling and visualization for 5-10 minutes and the belief that you own this item.

An example: I added owning a boat to my list. During my visualization I imagined how it would feel steering the boat, the smell of the salt water, the feeling of coldness when the water hit my face, and a general sense of peace and accomplishment by owning the boat.

Do this for ALL 20 items.

  • Next, create a circle or windmill or carousel on a piece of paper and write down each item on the windmill blade. Now, you have a wheel of the 20 items.

Finally comes the fun part, the rapid image cycling™. Rapid image cycling™ takes close to 6 months to accomplish according to other practitioners. It took me a long time to accomplish as well, and I still practice it almost daily. 

How to do Rapid image cycling™?

Take the windmill with your 20 items and imagine one picture for each item, like a slideshow of the items in your mind. Start going through the windmill or slide show and visualizing a picture of each item one at a time. Do this until you go through all 20 items. Then repeat! Do this over and over again on a daily basis so you can move through to 20 items rapidly.

Spin the items in a circle in your brain. The faster you can go through the 20 items, the more effective the Bengston Energy Healing Method® is for healing. 

Some people are able to go through all 20 images in less than 3 seconds. I am stuck on going through all 20 items in 5 seconds. You may notice while doing this, that it takes a considerable amount of energy and your hands may start to feel very hot from cycling.

The best thing to do is sit for 10- 30 minutes a day and practice the technique, until you can rapidly cycle through all of the images.

How do I use the Bengston Method for Manifesting?

Now the funny part about image cycling™ is items will start to manifest without trying to manifest them. The more you do the image cycling™ the sooner the manifestation. I am speaking of my own experience and with talking to other students at Bengston’s workshop. They all started noticing that items on their list seamlessly came into fruition.

Items that I assumed would take years to manifest, happened in a matter of 2 months.

Once I received the item on the list you have to go back and revise your list and remove the item you now have and add a new item and go through the 5–10-minute visualization about the new item and add the new item to your rapid cycling.

Also, the list will help you figure out which items are easier to manifest in your own life. Some people are better at manifesting a car while others are better at manifesting a career. This will help you learn how strong your energy is in manifesting different items and what areas you need improvement.

The Bengston Energy Healing Method® is about Healing

I cannot reiterate this enough. Please do not spend your time learning the Bengston Energy Healing Method® just so you can manifest material goods in this world. I believe anyone who learns the technique has a moral imperative to be willing to help and heal others with it. There are currently only about 100 Bengston Energy Healing Method® practitioners in the world and the world needs more healers. 

The world does not need more people focused on accumulating things for themselves. 

Healing Yourself through the Bengston Energy Healing Method® 

Many healers come to the profession from overcoming a sickness themselves. I have heard that the shamanic path involves having to overcome very serious illnesses as a test on whether you can heal others. 

If you are ill and would like to use the healing technique on yourself, you may add being healed as one of your 20 items. If you become better, I believe your life purpose is to dedicate your life to healing and helping others do the same.

I used the Bengston Energy Healing Method® by adding myself as being healed to my list. I imagined myself running a race and tasting the sweat in my mouth, having 6 pack abs, and feeling fatigued once the race was done.

To heal yourself doing the rapid image cycling™ is not enough. What I would do is give Reiki and the Bengston Energy Healing Method® to my bath water before I took a bath. I also gave Reiki and the Bengston Energy Healing Method® before I drank any glass of water each day. In addition, I did Reiki self-treatments while performing the rapid image cycling™.

Since the Bengston energy can be transferred to objects, you can transfer the energy to cotton balls or water and then receive the healing benefits once you hold the cotton or drink the water. 

However, the Bengston Energy Healing Method® works best when someone else does it to you. I believe the reason for this is that someone who is sick is too emotionally entangled with the outcome of their health. Health issues cause some of the strongest negative emotions because you are sometimes fighting an actual life or death situation. Our basic nature is to survive. So no matter how hard you try, the thought of dying or getting worse with illness will cause an autonomic nervous system response which will hamper the brainwaves necessary to help heal oneself.

One interesting thing to note is, in Reiki and I believe with the Bengston Energy Healing Method®, is if you heal OTHERS, it will actually help you heal yourself. With Reiki you learn that as you give treatments on others you are also treating yourself. I see this to be true of the Bengston Energy Healing Method® as well. When you are healing another person, your brain uses those theta waves which heal the person but it also is simultaneously helping yourself (this is my hypothesis at least).

Learn more about manifestation and the Bengston method by booking your free consultation with Lisa! Namaste!



Lisa is a Reiki Master, Certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and trained in the Bengston Energy Healing Method. Lisa is also a Certified Life coach and currently in her second year of graduate school for a Master of Social Work to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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