Guide to the Law of Assumption: Manifest by Believing Your Feelings


Mar 06, 2023

Guide to the Law of Assumption: Manifest by Believing Your Feelings

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What is the Law of Assumption? 

The Law of Assumption is a powerful manifestation tool that can help you create the life of your dreams. The Law of Assumption states that whatever you believe to be true will come true in this life. It is not only the belief, but the feeling associated with having the desired outcome that creates manifestation. Knowing that it is the feeling related to the desire, and not just the thought, will help you along your journey of manifestation.

History of the Law of Assumption

The Law of Assumption can be traced back to ancient philosophers. It is similar to the law of attraction in that it deals with manifestation and your thoughts creating your reality. However, the Law of Assumption believes that your feelings and emotions actually decide what you manifest and not the thoughts. The Law of Assumption was popularized in the early 20th century by New Thought philosophers such as William Walker Atkinson and Ernest Holmes. They believed people could create their own reality by believing in it. 

The Law of Assumption is based on the belief that if you assume something will happen, it will happen. By setting intentions and believing those intentions, people can manifest whatever they desire. This means that whatever we focus on becomes a part of our reality. 

The law teaches you to be mindful and intentional with your thoughts and actions in order to create our desired outcome. To use the Law of Assumption effectively, you must clearly identify what you want from life. Then, you must be proactive and work towards making those wants a reality. Staying focused on your goals and refusing to let negative thoughts or doubt get in the way, will ensure that you receive everything you want out of this life. 

Negative thoughts must be repeatedly reframed and changed through positive affirmations, visualizations, mindfulness, and meditation. Once we have created a positive mindset around your intention, the Law of Assumption will bring it into fruition. 

Additionally, consistent effort is necessary for the Law of Assumption to work. It must be practiced on a daily basis. Most importantly, being grateful for what you already have, plays an important role in receiving what you want. If you aren’t focused on what you already have, you are manifesting from a scarcity mindset and nothing will happen. 

An influential figure who was known for his work with the Law of Assumption is Neville Goddard. He taught people how to use their imagination as a tool for manifesting their desires. Goddard believed that if you focus on how you want your life to be, instead of what it is, you can alter your own reality. 

Goddard was an advocate for understanding and believing in your true self and recognizing that your thoughts create your reality. Goddard once said: "You possess within yourself, by your assumption, all that you will ever be or ever have". 

This statement is a powerful reminder of how important your thoughts and beliefs are when it comes to your reality. By believing in yourself and your vision, you can use the Law of Assumption to create the life you want.

How can you use the Law of Assumption?

The Law of Assumption states that whatever you assume to be true will come true for you. By applying this law, you can make changes to your life and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

First and foremost, it’s important to be clear on what you want and what you need in order to create the life you desire. This will ensure that your assumptions are positive and attainable. Once you have identified these goals, take actionable steps towards achieving them. It is essential to keep a positive mindset as this will attract positive outcomes. It is also important to make sure that you take responsibility for your actions and be willing to learn from any mistakes or setbacks.

Next, start each day with an affirmation that is specific to what you want to achieve. This can be something like “I love my life”. As you progress, monitor your progress and remain flexible in your approach. This will help you to stay focused on your goal, remain motivated, and help you adjust accordingly.

Finally, as you make progress in your journey, it is important to celebrate your successes and take time to reflect on all of your accomplishments. Reflecting on your successes allows you to appreciate the journey and not just focus on the end result.

By applying the Law of Assumption and following the steps outlined below, you can create the life you want by taking charge of your life and manifesting positive change in all areas.

Steps to Use the Law of Assumption

1. Begin by understanding the basic principle of the Law of Assumption: “When you assume something, you create a reality in which that assumption is true.” When you believe something to be true, you will naturally act in a way that reflects this belief. 

2. Identify your assumptions and make sure they are aligned with your goals and values. Ask yourself: What do I assume to be true? Do I believe this will help me achieve my goals? Do my values align with this assumption? 

3. Start small. Choose one small area in your life, such as your career or relationships, and focus on that. Use the law of assumption to define what you want in that area, for example, “I am successful in my career.” 

4. Once you have a statement of “I am successful in my career” you need to get into something Neville Goddard called the State Akin to Sleep. 

5. The State Akin to Sleep is a state of drowsiness which happens either right before you sleep or right when you wake up. When you are still in a groggy frame of mind, it is the easiest time to program your subconscious for your desires. You can also get into a State Akin to Sleep by doing meditation or a guided imagery to get you in a tranquil state.

6. During the State Akin to Sleep you need to visualize yourself attaining your goal. This includes visualizing it as if has already happened. If you are manifesting “a successful career” visualize yourself in a business suit (in the first person) as if you are wearing the business suit during the visualization. Imagine your coworkers around you and you are leading them and telling them what they need to do.

7. The most important part of visualization is noticing how you FEEL during the visualization. So, if you have a successful career, you may feel joy, proud, and less stressed about money. Notice these feelings and the sensations they bring throughout your body. Notice how the business suit feels against your skin, what you look like as a successful business person. Notice what you smell and taste. Make the visualization so real that it is already a reality to your mind.

8. The visualization should be done for 10 minutes a day and repeated or looped over and over again. You may go through affirming your desire throughout the day whenever you have a break and bringing up the feeling of having the desire.

9. Finally, repeat the process. As you continue to use the law of assumption, you will begin to see the effects in your life. The more you practice it, the more powerful it will become and the more control you will have over creating the life you want.

Other tricks for the Law of Assumption

Sometimes it is hard for people to visualize themselves in the first person. Some people like to imagine they are looking at a movie screen and seeing the desire happen, but being in the first person is most helpful for manifestation. However, if you cannot visualize in the first person you can:

  • Imagine other people in your life talking about you getting your desire. So if it is being successful in your career, you can imagine your sister and mother talking about you saying “He/she just became a manager at the company”. Pretend as if you are eavesdropping on their conversation and then notice the feelings in your body and mind.
  • Remember it is the feeling that creates the desired state not the thought.
  • If you are still having a hard time with these scenes, you can use a Neural Linguistic Programming technique to reach the subconscious mind. To do this you need to get into peripheral vision. You can achieve peripheral vision by staring at an object and then seeing the objects on the sides of your head. While in peripheral vision you can say whatever statement you want to be true and it will be programmed into your subconscious.
  • Another trick is pretending that your current reality is your past. So if you are trying to manifest becoming successful in your career, you can start by saying “I remember when I was an associate at x company”, (assuming you are an associate now and want to get into upper management). By saying “I remember when” your mind thinks you no longer are an associate and the universe will conform to what you believe to be true.

How Long Until the Law of Assumption Works?

The Law of Assumption states that what you expect to happen, is likely to happen. Therefore, when using the Law of Assumption, the results may come quickly, or they may take time to manifest depending on your expectations and focus. 

It is important to remember that when using the Law of Assumption, it can take as long or as short as it needs to in order for the desired result to happen. Therefore, it is not necessarily a matter of time, but rather a matter of consistency and patience and believing you already have what you desire. 

For instance, if you are using the Law of Assumption to create the life you want, you must understand that it can take time for the law to work and for those desires to manifest. It may take days, weeks, months or even years, depending on how strong your beliefs are and how much energy you are able to put into achieving your goals. 

The key is to stay consistent in your efforts and to remain positive and focused. Believe that it will happen, even when it seems like it’s taking forever. By doing this, you will find that the Law of Assumption will bring the results you desire.

Learn more about the Law of Assumption and manifesting by booking a free consultation with Lisa! 



Lisa is a Reiki Master, Certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and trained in the Bengston Energy Healing Method. Lisa is also a Certified Life coach and currently in her second year of graduate school for a Master of Social Work to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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